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What is the .NET Framework and its Advantages?

To build the wide range of web, mobile, desktop and gaming applications, .NET bestows its own programming guidelines. It is a free, open source platform that allows a programmer to use multiple languages such as C#, F# or Visual Basic.

Cross platform in .NET: It hardly matters which language (C#, F# or Visual Basic) the code is running. .NET will support all operating systems. There are three basic cross platforms in .NET


(1) .NET Core: .NET Core cross platform is used in different servers, websites and console apps on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

(2)Xamarin/Mono: This platform is used for the implementation of running different apps on all kinds of mobile operating systems.

(3) .NET Framework:

Initially, .NET framework ran only on Microsoft Windows. It is developed by Microsoft and also known as a software framework. .NET framework consists of the large class libraries FCL (Framework Class Library) and CLR (Common Language Runtime).

FCL: Framework Class Library is a standard class library, helpful for language interoperability. This library consists of a collection of interfaces, reusable classes and different value types.

CLR: Common Language Runtime is an application virtual machine that gives several services such as dealing with exception security, memory management and much more.

Few Advantages of .NET

Object oriented: .NET Framework is object oriented, which means .NET framework contains objects that allow you complete access and control of your apps.

Caching Power: It consists of an easily usable caching system.

Flexible to Handle: The .NET source code contains HTML you can run and handle all together. That means web pages are easy to maintain.

Automatic Monitoring: Most often, it is very hard to detect coding errors, but .NET can detect several issues such as infinite loops and memory leaks, and has the function to halt these activities automatically and restart itself over again.

Time Saving: .NET makes the coding process easy and helpful, to save valuable time for software developers.

Many well-recognized software development companies build unique, customized apps in .NET. Chetu is one of them. It is a USA based IT company that offers .NET development services all over the world.

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