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PIM Software and Its Features

Product Information Management (PIM) software is a collection of several processes and tools that help to manage e-commerce business’ product data, and also provide a consolidated, single view of product data. In other words, PIM gives a cost-effective, centralized platform to manage e-commerce business products’ data and services.

The best part of PIM is that it is not reliable on a single source. Just like catalog management software, PIM takes the data from multiple data sources and consolidates them into a single master data source. It is easy to integrate PIM with other software, such as catalog management, data quality and BPM (business process management).

Why Most Companies Prefer PIM Software:

PIM software is getting popular because of a few solid reasons:

1) In an e-commerce business, it is very typical to manage the number of products or combination of items by random software systems. This PIM software can efficiently manage all at once.

2) Most e-commerce companies need to launch new products on a regular basis, and iterations of existing products fulfill both needs.

3) Due to changing trends and seasons, businesses experiences rapid fluctuation, and that makes the use of PIM software most suitable for retail businesses.

4) Products get distributed by many providers in different markets by companies. This create a vacant space for suitable PIM software.

Hence, product information management software is very helpful for product managers, marketing departments of retail companies, e-commerce managers, and manufacturing companies.

Main Features of PIM Software:

a) The main functionality of PIM software is to collect data and product information from different sources (such as ERP, spreadsheets, and e-commerce) and consolidate them into one source.

b) The customization feature allows smooth workflows, and defines the users who can make changes in product information. It then updates them and defines who can approve these changes.

c) It efficiently manage several types of content formats like PDFs, video, images and much more.

d) It contains easily understandable search options and filters, such as size, colors, price range, and product name. These allow users to make specific choices when they are browsing.

e) PIM software fulfills the complex needs of different buyers; therefore, it is best known for master data management (MDM).

On the basis of different vendors’ requirements and business analysis, many well-known software development companies such as Chetu offer customized PIM software that fit these complex requirements.

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